Hello, I am Sandra !

I am a medium, healer, visionary, magickian and author. As an ancient Atlantean soul, I support awakening souls in fulfilling their soul contract in the 5D ascension process.


In my role as a holistic coach and spiritual mentor, I show them how to access the quantum field and manifest their lives in the New Golden Age with love, in harmony and prosperity.


Already clairaudient and clairvoyant as a small child, I learned as an adult how to deal with my mediumistic gifts. Various spiritual trainings followed. I gave life counselling, tarot sessions, offered training in ceremonial magick, mediumship and tarot. After various healing trainings I integrated all my knowledge into holistic treatments. Occasionally I am asked to do energetic house cleansings.

I am a qualified business management assistant and have decided to start my own business. Living in Switzerland I love to spend my leasure time with writing, singing, painting, watching movies, reading and photography. When I do sports, I prefer yoga, dancing and aqua jogging.


I got into writing through my daughter in 2004 when I had to tell her bedtime stories about witches and monsters. My family also includes two older brothers, my daughter's father and her wonderful Akita Inu, who sadly passed away at the age of 3 1/2 in July 2022 and now accompanies me from the spiritual world.


I have been a vegetarian for many years and went vegan. Animals suffering is a no go for me. I regularly support various animal organisations with donations. In everyday life, I try to do without any kind of animal products.

Today, it is my goal to support people in their ascension process and to meet them where they actually are in their spiritual development.


In my book "Dive into your spirituality" (actually only available in German) I give an easy-to-understand overview for beginners. The book is expected to be released in 2024. 


In online coachings I offer you an introduction to your spiritual work with my experiences of the last three decades. 


For more advanced lightworkers, I offer a mentoring program that focuses on energy work in the quantum field such as quantum healing and quantum surgery.