Announcement - Pre-Launch

My latest book "Dive into your spirituality - Gain confidence by mastering your perceptions" will be available in German only from 2024. 


It gives a good overview of spiritual topics ranging from mediumistic perception to the Law of Attraction. I was able to get two unique ladies for an interview: Georgie Garwood and Salarah Starre. Both ladies are very knowledgeable about spiritual topics and the Law of Attraction.


An accompanying workbook, e-book and audio book are currently in the making.


Pre-orders are now being accepted via email.

Novel - Fiction

In 2005 I wrote the novel "The Portal to the Future" (available in German only) for an author competition, which describes my own spiritual development in fictionalised form. It came 7th in the list of winners.


Unfortunately, the publisher who wanted to publish the book could no longer realise the project. A year-long, futile search for a new publisher began. 



In 2016, I decided to sell it under my pseudonym Shiria Hays via Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon.


From April 2020, the book will be available with a new title in all bookshops.


Many things in my book seemed fantastic to me at the time, but no longer really impossible. I was often told that I was ahead of my time. In relation to my novel, this may be provable with this story. We all go through the process of spiritual awakening. I have herewith told my personal process in a rudimentary way. 



If you are interested in my story, I would be happy if you bought the book.