Testimonials from clients

I consider myself very lucky to have been able to attend Sandra Hartmann's courses. The way she explains the subject to the participants is exciting and you realise that she has a great deal of knowledge. As a "beginner" in these topics, I immediately felt very comfortable, well guided and protected. Her talent to pass on knowledge in an easy to understand and interesting way is remarkable. Sandra has a calm, pleasant voice and I you could listen to her for hours. In her courses I have had some experiences that have touched me very much. Since then I also know that beings like "dragons", "unicorns" and all the other light beings I can't name do exist, even if we don't see them physically.


Furthermore, I participated in the celebrating of "Litha", the festival of the summer solstice. This place by the lake, which was decorated in the most beautiful floral splendour, made me feel very peaceful and I was fully at peace with myself. Full of expectation and trusting that nothing would happen to me, I looked forward to the encounters with the beings of light. Sandra had prepared and planned everything very well down to the last detail. It was a wonderful, beautiful, magical and peaceful night.


Since I took part in her courses, my life has become different. I have more confidence in myself and in my helpers. I know that we will get help if we ask for it and everything will happen for our good.


Anna Maire-Hirschi, Rosshäusern

With great experience and extreme competence, Sandra Hartmann has been coaching and accompanying me on my spiritual development for over five years, on a theoretical as well as on a practical level. Sandra Hartmann not only explains the inexplicable and lifts the veil on secrets of the invisible, but has also given me the tools to recognise, develop and deal with my own sensitivity. Thanks to regular practice, I feel much more balanced, self-confident and therefore happier since then.


Catherine S., Murten

Sandra is an extraordinarily versatile spiritual coach. She has "empowered" me and shown me how to find answers within myself and thus continue to grow. Her "treasure chest" is full of different "techniques".  In deep gratitude for her support on my path of ascension.


Virve V., Switzerland

Sandra is a very empathetic person. She has a good understanding of people and can pick up everyone at their point. She accompanies you through good as well as difficult situations with a lot of heart. But she also tells you point blank when you are messing up or taking several steps back.


Céline Hartmann, Münchenbuchsee

Sandra grasps problems and challenges very quickly, explains very clearly why they exist and discusses the solution personally with a lot of compassion. Along the way she is always ready and available and coaches with a strength and foresight.



Sandra's coaching is very professional. She also addresses pacing issues as I need more time to make changes. The coaching is individually adapted to me personally.


Heidi Fischer, Kirchlindach