Your spiritual development does not happen "by the way".

I accompany women who feel rejected and marginalised because of their spiritual perceptions. In my programs they learn to accept their spiritual gifts and use them in everyday life. Through the combination of mental training and spiritual knowledge, they will gain self-confidence and be able to follow their inner voice without fear. Experience shows that the lives of my clients have changed very quickly for the better, be it in their private life, at work or within the family.


If you want to follow the spiritual path and wish to be guided for a while, I will be happy to clarify with you in a consultation whether I can support you with this program. Your own will to go through the ascension process is decisive for this work.

Get down to business now and decide on a goal-oriented accompaniment.

Coaching Program

Chakras, meditation, energy work etc. are not foreign words to you. You have reached a point where you are serious about your spirituality and want to consciously develop it.


You have decided to do your shadow work, accept help from a coach and implement what you have learned.


This online group coaching program is designed for 12 weeks of support, during which you will work intensively on your beliefs and behaviour patterns, dissolve karma and lay the foundation for raising your vibrational frequency.


This is your key to work on yourself energetically and to quickly achieve results.

Mentoring Program

You have done your shadow work and want to actively work on your ascension process. Now you are ready to invest in yourself and your personal development.


As a lightworker with the motivation to serve the greater whole, you will learn energy work in the quantum field, such as quantum healing and quantum surgery.


The online mentoring program in small groups is designed for 6 months of support, in which you specifically activate your energy bodies and work intensively on raising your vibrational frequency.

Quantum Magic Retreat

At retreats in Switzerland and England you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and learn high-frequency energy work.


The retreats are held in English without translation.

Retreats already carried out